Harvest Family Christmas

Hi Harvest Family!
I hope you have had an incredible week! Around the church it has been a busy, busy week for sure. There have been so many volunteers helping get ready for all that this Christmas seasons means for our various ministries.
The Harvest Kids Christmas program is coming together with stage props, set design, lighting cues, and soundtrack recording.
The Christmas Toy Giveaway is coming together nicely as numerous bags have already been prepared for the more than 3,000 children who are already registered; AND we are STILL picking up even more toys from the various vendors who are donating!
And our Christmas services programming is shaping up to be an incredible experience for the whole family! It's going to be an amazing few weeks of our church family to celebrate all that God is doing through us and in us. 

As we seem to be racing closer and closer to this Christmas holiday, I want to pause and remind us that the reason for this Christmas season isn't about the presents, the shopping, the delicious candy or various foods, but about the birth of our Savior, Christ Jesus, our Lord. One of most difficult aspects for many in our society is dealing with the difficulty, loneliness, lack of hope, and painful memories the holiday's bring because of the loss of loved ones in death, divorce, deployment or some other separation. It's not an easy season for everyone. However, we have the hope of the world to celebrate; the birth of Jesus Christ.

As we continue our journey of life with our families and friends, let's stop and take measure of those who are a part of our lives and take a moment to encourage them. Make it your goal to take a few minutes today and encourage (which means to put courage in) through a text message, card, phone call, Facebook message, or by simply walking next door. It's an incredible thing to encourage someone. You never know, that simple act of encouragement could make the difference in their eternity. Would you take a moment and invite someone to come and be a part of your Harvest Family Christmas?

Loving and prayerfully,

Pastor Travis Jenkins
Lead Pastor