The Guilt of "God's Work"

By Josh Wooten, Executive Pastor

Ministry as a whole is extremely demanding. It's emotionally, mentally, and at times physically exhausting. I have personally seen the busy work in ministry destroy people's family life. 

We have seen it more and more recently in ministry. "Burn out" is the new term. 

How do we avoid this? What is the solution? This is not super religious advice. It is practical life application. 

As ministers we feel guilty if we have to leave something undone or waiting at church. We have to have everything perfect for Sunday. I'm not saying I think we should give less than 100% while at work. What I am saying is it's ok to leave that stack on your desk and get it done Monday. I worked in multiple jobs before ministry. I had experience with energy companies, sales positions, and management positions. At every company my family came first. That shouldn't change with church ministry. You're not saying my family comes before God. You're simply saying "My family still comes before my job." Your personal relationship with God doesn't change because you spent Saturday with your family instead of at another church project. Stop feeling guilty for keeping your home life healthy. 

As ministers we can get beat up in the weekly grind. Let your healthy home life be a restoration place. There is nothing like a loving spouse and happy children to remind you of who you are. A healthy home life is just as important as a healthy church!