Current Series

Heart for the Kingdom

All through the Old and New Testaments God has been at work in people's lives to move them from mere religious activity to have a heart that desires Him. As we dig into this series we will discover God given truths that help us develop a heart for His Kingdom. 


Dive into the Family of Faith.


You're our guest the first time you attend Harvest but the second time we consider you to be part of the family. Come check out what makes Harvest so unique - the loving people who have made Harvest their home.


Children - Harvest Kids

Harvest Kids is designed to minister specifically to your child through high energy music, relevant messages, interactive lessons, and more!

Youth - Re|Action

We care about the next generation of believers! We believe they aren’t just the church of tomorrow but that they are the church of today!


Groups - Grow

We offer small group gatherings for our church. There are weekly groups and monthly groups. However, we don’t facilitate groups that meet in homes.

Volunteer - Give Back

At Harvest we believe that every member has a responsibility to find a place to serve in the local body. Find a spot to serve.