Find a place to serve.

We believe that every member has a responsibility to find a place to serve in the local body. The great commission isn’t fulfilled only through sending missionaries around the world but by those at home being involved in advancing the kingdom. You can help serve the church family by volunteering in some capacity.

Community Public Schools

We have a partnership agreement with Elementary schools located in our community. We have been able to build great relationships with the faculty and families in our community through this strategic partnership. We have the chance to invest into the lives of these children on a regular basis and helping with test monitoring is just one of those ways. It does not require much from you, other than your time and availability.


Van Buren Elementary

Stand Waite Elementary

Rancho Village Elementary

Ministry Areas

  • Youth 

  • Kids 

  • Music 

  • Ushers 

  • Greeters 

  • Hospitality 

  • Media 

  • Facilities 


If you're ready to volunteer, please visit the information click the button below to fill out our MERGE Form form, which will let us know where you're interested in serving.