Vision Statement

To build a hospital for the hurting, a lighthouse for the lost, a shelter for the battered, bruised and broken, and a powerhouse to propel the gospel to our local community and the world. To see people saved, healed, delivered, set free, empowered, equipped and serving in the harvest.


Core Values

  1. We are a family, Jesus is the center of it all.
  2. We are inclusive and color blind - people from every age, color and nationality are welcome to be a part of the family.
  3. We believe in and empower the next generation; they deserve our very best.
  4. We are unashamed of the power, gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit.
  5. We will leave the Kingdom better than we found it. We will invest in missions work at home (in our neighborhood) and around the world.
  6. Prayer is our steering wheel, not our spare tire. 
  7. We will be good stewards. We are aggressive in saving, responsible in spending, and generous in blessing.