The Next Generation

We care about the next generation of believers! We believe they aren’t just the church of tomorrow but that they are the church of today! If you look all throughout history there has never been a great move of God that didn’t begin among a group of sold out young people who were committed to seeing God use them to expand His Kingdom!


Our youth ministry, |re|action| Student Ministry, meets on Wednesday nights at 7pm in The Annex for a fun filled night every teenager will want to be a part of. This interactive experience is crammed full of fun, worship, and Bibilical teaching that is relevant to the students today.


Our youth pastors, Kyle and Raychelle Hutson, have put together an incredible team of “Coaches” that generously give of themselves to invest in to the next generation.

If you would like more information about Reaction Youth Ministry, please feel free to email Pastor Kyle:


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